Adding a border to a jpg image



I have the following code:

Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.Visible = msoFalse
Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.Transparency = 0#
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.Weight = 0.75
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.DashStyle = msoLineSolid
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.Style = msoLineSingle
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.Transparency = 0#
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.Visible = msoTrue
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = 64
Selection.ShapeRange.Line.BackColor.RGB = RGB(255,
255, 255)
The problem is this code only works if it resides on the
file with the image. If I have the code in my personal
folder the line "Selection.ShapeRange.Line.Style =
msoLineSingle" comes up with a error that the specified
value is out of range.

How can I fill the value so that I have a line border
around the jpg?

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