add two criteria that should not be met to sumproduct



Hi everyone,

I posted this a little while ago and Pete UK answered but I got moved on to
another piece of work and I think my post had fallen off the screen by the
time I answered to say that Pete's suggestion hadn't worked- sorry about that
Pete UK. I'm now back to this piece of work and if anyone can help that would
be great!

I'm using the following

Which works beautifully but I also need to say that if k2:k10000 does not
equal N1 it shouldn't be counted as well.

Pete UK suggested

=SUMPRODUCT(--(Data!$C$2:$C$10000=$A6),--(Data!$S$2:$S$10000=1) ,--

I got some strange results back with this one, so if Pete UK or anyone out
there can help I'd be so happy :)

Grateful for any help

Mike H


What are the strange results you got? The formula you got from Pete UK looks
fine to me provided you are checking for the string "N1" in column K if you
want to refer to the range N1 then drop the quotes




Sorry Mike,

It does all it's supposed to do. Must have left brain at home - Again!

THANK YOU and Pete UK :)

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