Add only SOME Fill effects to multiple bars



Hoping someone can help (Excel 2003)

I have a column chart with one series displayed. I've gone into the Format
Data Series option and 'varied the points by color' so each column is a
different color. Easy enough. But now, I want to be able to add a specific
pattern (Go into Fill Effects / Patterns tab) to each of these bars while
maintaining their current color. The problem is as soon as I choose a
pattern, it also applies the colors that were chosen as part of the current
pattern Fill Effects. So I have to double-click each column manually to add
the same pattern if I want to maintain the current color.

Is there a quick way to add patterns (or any formatting effect) to a series
while still maintaining their current color scheme?

Thank you!

Jon Peltier

Once you format points individually, if you apply a format to the entire
series, you lose the formatting applied to individual points.

- Jon

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