Add new hardware won't work


Rob Kerner

I recently configured domain security policy, and now
when logged on as the domain admin, I get the message
that I do not have the rights to install hardware. This
happened when I did my first DC in win2k many moons ago,
but I can't find the policy restricting me from
installing. As I recall it wasn't a policy telling me I
couldn't install, but one that wasn't defined letting me
install. Any clues?

-Rob Kerner
UC Davis



Kevin Anderson [MSFT]

Hi Rob,

Make sure you have the driver signing policy set to the appropriate level,
Ignore, Warn or Block. This would not be the cause / issue if you're using
digitally signed drivers. Check out Q298503 - Driver Signing Registry
Values Cannot Be Modified Directly in Windows

If we look at the SETUPAPI.LOG does it mention a policy / error message that
can help us narrow this down?

KevinAnd [MSFT] - "This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
confers no rights."

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