Add a XML file to the root directory of your site.



Since Microsoft has changed it's search engine algorithum my site has no
visibility whatsoever, when in the recent past it was the first to be listed.
I can't even type my website into the search field and have it displayed
although Google does have it displayed on the second page.

After going to the webmaster link for MSN I found that I should include an
XML file in the root directory of my website but I am given no example of
where the root directory is located. I used Publisher 2003 to create the
website although I have also been able to view the code using FP 2003. Can
someone tell me where in the FP 2003 code lines I should place the suggested
XML code?



Mark Fitzpatrick

The root of your site just means the top directory. For example, is the root. if your FP web corresponds to that point,
then put the xml file there. You don't put anything in the code lines in FP,
put the XML into the site itself a the topmost directory that you're able
to. If your site is at: then put it in the
myweb directory and point the msn search engine there.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick

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