Adaptec 2610SA




I have a 2610SA RAID 6 SATA card.
It is a OEM product designed by Adaptec for HP
Adaptec doesn't want to support it and HP has no knowledge about it.

I installed this card with Vista
Vista recognized it as a "Adaptec 2610SA" without needing any aditional
drivers !
The problem is that there is no "RAID Management software" as I've had with
Windows XP
This Java based software was useful for at least 2 things :
- it warns whenever a problem occurs (such as a disk fault)
- it allows volume expansion for RAID 5 matrix (adding a fourth drive to a 3
drives RAID 5 matrix for example)
(The built-in Bios utilities allows the creation / deletion of matrix but
note the expand operation.)

Of course I tried ton install the HP Software designed for Windows XP but
Vista doesn't want it.
I also tried using XP compatibility but il failed as well.

Does anyone have any clue or ideas ?

Thanks very much for any help !!! :)


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