Ad Hoc conection: Internet Connection Sharing disabled



Beforehand, when i configured an ad hoc connection (it'd ask for the name of
the connection and a password) later it would give the option to share the
internet. I am not sure why, but that option does not show anymore. Instead,
it tell you that you can activate file sharing in the Network and sharing
center window.
I read the parts of the tech support that refer to ICS and ad hoc
connections, and all it says is that the ICS is disables when you create a
new ad hoc onnection with out disconnecting from the previous. This could
have been the case, but it doesn't say how to get the option back... please
help, I've been trying to solve it for a week already!


If you are using any free firewall on the PC with the internet connection
other than the Windows firewall, almost none of them are compatible with
internet connection sharing.

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