AD and GroupMembershipSAM



I'm trying to install IBM MQ 5.3 on Windows 2003. From the READ.ME of
that software:

To set Read GroupMembershipSAM:

1.Open Active Directory Users & Computers
2.Put Active Directory Users & Computers in Advanced Features Mode
3.Find the 'domain mqm' in the left panel, right click it and select
4.Select the Security Tab.
5.Select Advanced, then click Add, type in 'domain mqm' and click OK.
6.A new dialog will be displayed. Select the properties Tab. In the
'Apply onto' box change the view to 'User objects'.
7.Select the allow checkbox for 'Read Group Membership' and 'Read
8.Click 'OK' to close all windows (Should be 3 times).

The 'domain mqm' group now has the rights to enumerate the group
membership for
all users in that domain

The problem is that when I don't see the options 'Read Group
Membership' and 'Read GroupMembershipSAM' under the 'User Objects'

Any idea why? and Idea hoe to set those options?.

Thanks a lot

Gary Simmons


In order to access these attributes you will need to modify the
filtering settings on the AD Users & Computers mmc.. This controls
which attributes are visible..

See the following MS link for a proper explaination....

Gary Simmons

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