Active Directory per Domain



If you want to move your network from a single NT 4 domain
to a single Windows 2000 domain with Active Directory.

Does each server need to have AD or can I just have Active
Directory and DNS on the PDC?

If I do this, do I also need a global catalog server and
if so, does it need to be on a seperate server from the

I know that you must have DNS if you are going to run AD
on your network but do you have to have AD if you just
want to install DNS?





First an analogy. Active Directory is to 2000 as PDCs and
BDCs were to NT4. There is no such thing as a 2000
domain, as 2000 domains ARE Active Directory. AD IS what
will authenticate your users, it IS where your users are

DNS is a completely seperate entity from AD. So you can
use DNS without AD.

I highly recommend you do some more reading up before you
do anything. Check out MS's website for more info.


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