Active Directory export to SQL 2000



Please support me with this one....

We have several domain controllers running Active Directory Services.
We're also running a SQL 2000 server. Our goal is to export complete
or partial active directory objects to SQL 2000.

The only problem is, I don't know how.....

Can anyone please help me

Is it possible to do a direct import from AD to SQL???

Brian Desmond [MVP]

What are you looking to export? You could use ADSI in a VBScript or
System.DirectoryServices in .Net, and iterate the objects you want data on,
and insert the applicable attributes into SQL.

Brian Desmond
Windows Server MVP
(e-mail address removed)



We want to export objects from active directory such as user accounts,
computer accounts, groups, printers, etc. If possible we want to do
this daily. And still our mail goal is to export directly to SQL 2000.

Thanks in advance.

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