Active cell/row highlighting



When I choose few cells that I want to add, let's say I want to know the
total of cells 3,4 8, 9 and 10, I highlight each of them and see the total
below. Excel 2003 used to color the chosen cells a different color. In
2007, those cells are staying white. I've tried it on a couple co-workers'
computer and theirs appear to be highlighting in gray. Is there a setting
that needs to be adjusted on my computer? I use this feature all the time
and I'm lost without it!





Gord Dibben

See jb's reply about contrast etc.

If not dark enough for you...............

If you want a permanent fix for the selected cells coloring in Excel 2007
here is a Registry hack.

Start>Run regededit.exe

Drill down to


Right-click on Options6 and Modify>Decimal........change the 32 to 16

When you select multiple cells all but the active cell will be black.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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