Activation error



I have encountered a problem all of a sudden. I started up
my computer today and got this error message.

Windows Product Activation.
Some System files are missing or damaged. You cannot log
on at this time. Eroor Code: 0x80040507.
Is there any way to get this going again.
If you could reply to this post Via e-mail I would really
appreciate it.



Andrew Davis [MS]

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This particular error translates to:
Error Result : 0x80040507 ( -2147220217 )
Message Text : This 80040507 is a FACILITY_ITF (HRESULT_SEVERITY = 1 and
HRESULT_CODE = 507) error that is specific to the interface that returned
this error. See the documentation of the interface that returned this error.

Here are some things to check:
1 - Make sure the windows folder isn't read only, if it is uncheck the
'read only' box in the properties sheet.
2 - Verify wpa.dbl and wpa.bak aren't read only, and that they have the
right permissions
3 - Delete wpa.dbl from safe mode w/ networking or recovery console, does
it get recreated?
4 - Can he get into safe mode? You should
5 - In safe mode see if event viewer works, if you're looking at an
attribute/permission issue you may see some of the following errors opening
event viewer.
"Unable to complete the operation on Application, the interface is unknown"
"Unable to complete the operation on Security the interface is unknown"
"Unable to complete the operation on System, the interface is unknown"

6 - Try an in place repair if it hasn't been done (rarely does an in place
upgrade fix this issue, consider it as a last option)
7 - Verify the Build number. It should be 2600. Anything else could be
beta, which we don't support.
8 - Try system restore
9 - Reset the permissions on the root by typing this: cacls C:\ /g
everyone:F /c /t
10 - See if the drive is NTFS, if it is look for permissions.
11 - Verify the PID is valid

~Andrew Davis
Microsoft PSS Security


Jul 1, 2006
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Hi there,
I've just registered to say a big thanks for the above reply.

I recently installed Linux (Ubuntu 'Dapper Drake') on a slave drive which was working well.
I have WinXP Pro SP2 on my master drive and the auto-installed Linux grub gives me the option of which to load at boot (default-Linux).

Both O/S's were working well together and I had rebooted succesfully around 20 or so times, switching between O/S's over the last 36+ hours since I originally succesfully installed Linux.

However, I attempted to load WinXP and the same error message popped up entitled 'Windows Product Activation' saying: "Some files are missing or damaged. You cannot log on at this time. Please use your installation CD to reinstall or repair Windows. Error Code:0x80040507"

Now, I did as instructed and booted the PC using my original WinXP installation disc, I launched the recovery console and logged into Windows (dos screen) as Administrator, but was unsure of what steps to take next as there were no options available.

It turned out, after reading your reply, that by making my WinXP drive accessible via my Linux drive, I set the drive as 'read only' to prevent any problems. I wasn't aware, at the time, what '0222 0 0' was going to do to the drive!!!

I've now reset the permissions to '0 0 0 0', corrected the respective files and folders' read/write permissions in the Windows folder and everything has loaded as it should have.

I posted my problem on three well known major help forums and none of them returned a reply anywhere near as helpful as this one. In fact, on two of them, including MS, there was no reply at all.

Therefor, a big thanks very much once again.

ps: if you're still active on here - i see the original post was some time ago - please confirm so as if you don't mind, I have one or two other question regarding what seems to be a fixed, but much slower system. thank you very much.
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