activate formula when adjacent cell populated



Dear All,
I have copied a simple formula (A1+1095) down the length of column B
(working with excel 2003). A1 contains a date, the formular in column B
produces a date 3 years later, with conditional formatting added to indicate
how close the future date is getting. The problem I have is that where there
is no date yet entered into a cell in column A, the remainder of column B
automatically displays 30/12/1902 and formats the cells red (for the rest of
the entire column). Is there a way to direct the formula in column B to only
become active once a date has been entered into the adjacent cell in column
A? - I was thinking along the lines of an IF statement or similar as I am
prohibitted from using a macro.
Advice gratefully recieved.

Arvi Laanemets




Arvi Laanemets


Try this:


You may need to adjust your CF formula to avoid zero values.

Hope this helps.


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