Action "Mark All As Read" on non e-mail folders

May 20, 2009
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I'm making some perl autotests of Outlook actions (using Win32::OLE module - it's the same way as VBA is using). I'm working with Outlook 2003.

Currently I need invoke action "Mark All As Read" on folder of any type.
No problem is with e-mail folder, the action is called by :
$explorer->{CommandBars}->FindControl(undef, 1906)->Execute();

But I need invoke the action also on other folder types (for example in Contacts - don't be surprised, I really need mark all contacts as read using that action :).

Problem is that folders with type other than e-mail don't have item "Mark All As Read" in menu Edit, only in context menu. But item "Mark All As Read" in context menu is accessible only if you invoke the menu (by clicking right button).

Is there any way how to display context menu of Outlook folder programatically ?
Another way may be to unhide action "Mark All As Read" in menu "Edit" - therefore "FindControl(undef, 1906)" should be successful.


Jaromir Obr

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