Action Failed Error message



When trying to import an Excel file into Access I get a
message that the Action Failed. It lists the following
fields- Macro:Import_corp_Cust_list; Condition:True;
d. My only option is to Halt (Stop and COntinue are
greyed out). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in
advance for your consideration.
(e-mail address removed)

Steve Schapel


I believe you will get this type of error if the table Corp_Cust_List
does not exist in your database at the time the macro is being run.
Could this apply to your situation? Also, I am unsure about the meaning
of the ",Load" section of the error message you got. The DeleteObject
macro action normally has two arguments. Could you check the Object
Name entry in your macro design, and make sure it is correct for the
table you want to delete.

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