Acronis Partition Expert 2003



Hello Everybody.

I have Acronis partiotn expert 2003 build 286 running in a Windows 2000
Advanced Server SP4 machine.
There is only one 200 GB hard disk.
I had a problem because the C partition ran out of space and next to it
was some unallocated space. The idea was to resize my C partition using
that space.
I use the program before to do somo other changes to other partionts
and it worked perfectly.
The disk structure looks like this now(ordered left to right):
Disk: IBM Server RAID 6.10 Total size 205.1 GB
C: NTFS. Free space 0.071 GB Total size 3.907
Unallocated: Total Size 8.515
D: NTFS. Free space 29.41 GB Total size 50.08 GB
F: NTFS. Free space 53 GB Total size 100.2 GB
Unallocated: 42.34 GB

C is the one with a red flag on it, the others have a green flag.

I did previously a resize of partiton F using some of the unallocated
space at the end.
Now I want to use all the size in the first unallocated space and add
it to the C partition.

When I try to do that, I select the C partition from the graph, click
on resize and it says analyzing partittion C, then just analyzing
partition and the nothing happens. I cant resize it and it gives me no
error at all.

I then tried something diferent. I decided to increase de size of
partition D to allocate the free space left from it. The, I had planned
to increase the free space from C using free space from D. I selected
the C drive as the one to increase the space to, and the D drive as the
one to provide the space.

After the partition analysis, it gives an error that says "Acronis
Partition Expert was not able to increase the free space on the
selected partition. The current suze of the selected partition is the
maximum posible".

How is this posible, C is NTFS so there isnt size limitation. Why is it
that C dirve has a red flag and the rest a green flag?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,



I am more familiar with Partition Magic but the principles should be the same.

Normally you would delete d: and f: and then expand c: into that raw space.
With the remaining space you would then recreate the deleted partitions.

but since you are doing this from Windows you may be bumping up against the
system. Windows will not allow you to resize the system/boot partition.

Perhaps Acronis can do a partition edit from a boot diskette? This would
bypass the windows protection. Always backup your data before such an
operation since I have seen too many reported failures where they lost
everything and didn't backup first.


Thanks for the info. Ill try to do it from a boot disk to see if it


p.d. it might have something to do with the fact that Acronis shows
this as a primary and active drive

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