ACPI S3 stress test - Network parameter

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Harald Vingstad

Hi all

I'm trying to run the ACPI S3 stress test, but I'm a bit confused when it
comes to filling out parameter2, ie "\\server_ip\share"

Should this refer to the local IP of the test machine or some other server?

Docs say that running time for this test is aprox 30 minutes. My
testmachine (Celeron 2,4Ghz) needs almost 24 hours to tell me the test
failed ;-)

Harald ;-)

Pavel A.

This should be IP of another XP or win2k machine.
Create on it a share accessible from the test machine for read & write
(all the account permission issues etc. must be already set up).
The test machine will create a file on this share and run a simple read-write test on it.
Obviously, the test machine must have a logo'ed ethernet card.

HCT uses \\server_ip\share syntax instead of machine name
to skip name resolution overhead. From same reason, both machines should be
standalone, not in domain.


Harald Vingstad

Thanks for your reply Pavel :)

This is how I have set up my system(s) actually, but I get the following
error (from the log)

ERROR: NET:\\\share , Status=3221235508 , Net enum and ping
ERROR: No systems wher found enumerating the network.

The share is avaliable, and the user have read/write access. Any idea where
I should start looking to solve this?

Harald :)

Remco Verheul

Harald, this may be an acceptable failure. The failure can be due to an IEEE
1394 virtual network adapter that is created by the Windows operating

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