"ACPI Multiprocessor PC" is missing



Hi All,

I just upgraded to Virtual Box 3.0.3 from 2.2.4 on a customer's
machine. Both of his guests, XP-Pro-SP3 and Windows Server 2008-sp1,
show two processors in the device manager. The VBox console shows two
processors. But both guest machines can only use one processor. I get
it: the wrong kernel is loaded. I have installed the new guest
addition on both machines. So using search on Google, I found this
(yes I use search!):

SMP on a Windows XP guest without a reinstall: viewtopic.php?

Very nice direction. I remember doing this to native XP machines back
when Hyperthreading first came out.

Problem: with the "show compatible hard" box check (or even
unchecked), I still only get "Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface (ACPI)". On XP, I get an extra "Standard PC". What happened
to my other compatible hardware? Specifically, I want "ACPI
Multiprocessor PC". Anyone know how to fix this? What would keep both
guests from showing the other compatible hardware?

The customer is not going to be pleased if I have to reinstall both. :-

Many thanks,

Andrew E.

Microsoft has/had 2 multiple processor updates for xp,the 1st is: kb896256
The other is:kb953356 However you might install the chipset installation
utility from the mfg,it tells xp how to use the boards components..

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