acpi error



amli: acpi bios is attempting to read from an illegal io
port address (0xcfc), which lies in the 0xcf8-oxcff
protected address range





Alex Nichol

Kenrick said:
Check out this MS KB Article for help:
- Error Message: ACPI BIOS Is Attempting to Write to Illegal IO Port Address;EN-US;283649

You have to obtain and install an upgrade of your BIOS software from your
motherboard vendor in order to solve this issue.

As an alternative, you can reinstall XP (as a repair) to leave out ACPI
and use APM instead. Set the BIOS to boot CD before Hard disk, then
boot the XP CD, start Setup (do not take 'Repair' at this stage), then
after the license agreement take 'Repair Installation'. This will
retain your existing software installations and most settings. But
Updates will have to be run again, especially SP1;
It is important to activate the basic XP Firewall before you ever
connect to the net to get the patches, so as to be protected against
things like the BLAST worm.

At the first reboot, you will then get a black screen with a white bar -
'Hit F6 to install special. . . '. Hit F7 instead; nothing will appear
to happen, but the system will install without ACPI. Only thing you
would then need is to go to Power Options - APM and Enable APM so as to
support Power off at shutdown

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