accessing the ItemArray[] for a row in a dataset


Noel Marshall

I need some help. I'm beginning to think I'm a big idiot (keep those
comments to yourself). I'm building a very simple data editing application.
I fill a dataset on the form load event and tie some text boxes to the

Textbox.Text = Dataset.Tables[0].Rows[Index].ItemArray[0].ToString();

This works fine. What I want to do is edit the data if the value in the
text box has changed:
Dataset.Tables[0].Rows[Index].ItemArray[0] = Textbox.Text;

I've also tried the .SetValue(Textbox.Text, 0) method of the ItemArray. It
says in both the MSDN documentation and in the intellisense that the
ItemArray[<pos>] property has both a get and a set...

Any help would be great!

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