Accessing legacy data for a web application



Not sure where to post this, so will start here...

I am developing an web application that my company will host. The data
back end on the web wil be SQL server. For each customer that
subscribes to our product, I need to build a data bridge from their
in-house legacy data to our SQL server. I will work out the export
details from their database to some acceptable intermediate (e.g. XML,
csv, etc.) I am also capable of importing that data into SQL server.
What I do not know how to do is how to get from their local
network/database to my website's SQL server.

The thought I had was to write a WinFrom app customized for each
customer and somehow it would import the XML or csv and then pump the
data to the web. My question is how to do the "pump" step?

I am very new to and web programming but have considerable
experience with, net 1.1/2.0 and (just to establish a
base level for any responses).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Hi John,

Is there any application to export data into XML/CSV format or its a manual
if you have application in place then the same application could connect to
internet and send data to your webserver. you will need to write a
webservice on your webserver to accept the incomming XM/CSV data.

if its a manual step, then for now i would suggest after exporting data into
XMl/CSV you upload the data to your website. give your users a web page to
upload the file.


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