Accessing deleted and changed rows in a DataSet


Ian Harding

I'm writing a client to connect to a legacy system (pre-.NET) which only
accepts input and provides output using ADO Recordsets.

I've been able to convert Recordset to DataSet, and if the DataSet has
no changes I can convert back to Recordset.

The problem comes when converting DataSet to Recordset when rows have
been deleted or updated. The only way I could find to do the conversion
involves "hand-crafting" the XML for the ADO Recordset combined with
running an XSLT transform on the DataSet data. What I can't do is
access the original rows in the DataSet in order to write <rs:update>,
<rs:blush:riginal>, and <rs:delete> elements and their child rows in the
<rs:data> section.

This data must be in there somewhere, otherwise how could a DataSet
update a database directly? Does anyone know how I can get to it?
Alternatively, if I'm missing an obvious way of making this easier,
please can someone enlighten me ;-)




Sahil Malik [MVP]


YOu can get the original rows by using DataTable.Select("",


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