Access with Excel in the front end


Narendra Nath


I am looking to use Excel in the front end for entering data and for
generating reports/views with Access in the background. Can any one help with
templates? The objective is to maintain a sales call data base with inputs
from 20 people spread across various locations.



Jan T.

Place your db-file at a shared folder so that every 20 people can access
the db file.

Make your Excel template and put some code in it - see this link:
This is code example for adding records to a Access database from Excel
using ADO.
- - - - -
Or even better; Make the solution using Access. Then splitt the database
in Back End (only data, tabels) and Front End (forms, reports, queries aso).

Distribute only a copy of the front end witch shoul be saved
locally on every PC (station C; harddisk). The back end to the shared
If all users do not have Access installed, let them down load Microsofts
run time version. This will allow them to access the db and edit records
MS Access.

For the downloadd, see:

Best wishes
Jan Thorstensen

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