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Can anyone help please. I am a novice user of Access and I have created a
simple Database and have set up a main switchboard form through Switchboard
Manager to make the database more friendly to its end line users. I have come
accross a database which uses more than one switchboard. For example on main
switchboard I have VIEW FORMS and then I have designed a forms switchboard to
house the forms menu. I have tried to link the forms in the illustrated way
but when I click the button on the main switchboard nothing happens. I have
read the post below and understand the concept but under events 'On click' I
can only see event builder? I have tried right clicking and I have done view
code but can't find the relevant code to check the details or if it is there
at all. Can anyone talk in very basic terms (I am intelligent and pick things
up quick) about how to check and fix this issue please? Thankyou


you will surely get several suggestions; here is one:

leave switchboard to side - in my opinion it is well intended but not

just create a new form unbound (no record source) in design view...add a
button to this new form and the button wizard will launch....follow its steps
so that the button opens whatever report/form you want...

do one button and try it; you may find it so easy that it is easier and
faster than attempting to fix switchboard...if so you can then set this new
form to be the form that opens when the application first opens...

just one suggestion.....

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