Access Runtime on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server



I am trying to get my Access 2000 mdb's to run on a Windows Server 2008
Terminal Server with only Access 2007 runtime installed. The first problem I
have is that there is a security notice when opening an mdb. The mdb's are
located on a network server share (a different server) if that's important.
After that, I get the following error when I click on certain objects:

Execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error. The
application can't continue and will be shut down.

I'm assuming that I need my mdb's to be located in a Trusted Location, but I
don't know how to designate a location as trusted. I tried creating the
following registry key:

AllowSubFolders (REG_DWORD) = 1
Path (REG_SZ) "z:\KeithsDocs\"

but that didn't help.

Any ideas on how to make Access 2007 runtime work with Access 2000 mdb's on
a Windows 2008 Terminal Server?



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