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I am working on a database for a client. They only have the .mde
version of a database created by a former employee. I am recreating
it as a .mdb so they can create new reports, forms, etc.

I am having a problem with one of the forms. The first screen has a
drop-down box for month/year. The month/year is selected. Once
chosen a list of people who worked that month/year are displayed.
Along with the list a popup calendar appears with what looks like a
calendar view showing the days worked. Each day is represented by a
combo box. The combo box will have an "X", "FT" or "PT" depending
upon the work schedule.

The problem I am having is there are heading Sunday - Saturday and 31
combo boxes. If the first day of the month starts on Sunday, the
combo boxes show a start of sunday. If the first day of the month is
Thursday, the combo boxes shift and start below the Thursday

These combo boxes tie to the "tblAttendance" table.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am stumped. I have
downloaded sample calendar forms but nothing does what I need.


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