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Two questions:
1) When you split an Access 2000 DB where are "Forms"? Are then in the
back-end or front-end?

2) When you split an Access 2000 Db and package the DB using office 2000
developer and you want to chage a one line in a form, do you need to
repackage the db or can you only copy the front-end or back-end (depending
where the form is saved) to the the "Support" folder of the package? I've
tried every option I can think of and when I run the setup.exe in the the
package I still get the old form after the install.

I have an application where I only change the users name on a single form
and I want the fastest way to create the install package with the changed


Douglas J. Steele

The front end consists of the queries, forms, reports, macros and modules.
The back end consists of the tables. (Ok, once in a while you might have a
table or two in the front end, but those are non-shared tables, used for
special purposes)

Any change to anything in the front end can be replicated simply by
recopying the front end MDB or MDE.


Hi Doug,

I'm missing something. I open my mdb, change the form, make an MDE, Slpit
the db and copy the MDE to the SUPPORT folder of my Package directory
replacing the MDE that was there. The Package directory was created from a
previous packaging using office 2000 developer.

When I run the setup.exe in the Package directory and install my db I still
get the old form. Dosen't the setup.exe use the MDE file in the Support
folder when the install is processed? Why do I get the old form?????

I'm at a lost. If I do a total re-package using developer I do get the new

Thanks again,

Douglas J Steele

There really shouldn't be any need to package at all: simply replace the one
file at the user's end.


I'm packaging my DB to sent to other users so they can install it on their
computer. When they install I want them to have their personal information
on the form.

George Nicholson

copy the MDE to the SUPPORT folder of my Package directory

AFAIK, the Support folder is not used during installation. It is simply a
copy of what the Package wizard put into the .Cab file. Since the .Cab file
still contains the "old" form, the old form is what gets installed. (I don't
know if running Makecab.exe in the support folder would replace/create a new
cab file, rather than repackage the whole thing. I've never tried it.)

I've often wondered if it is necessary, or desirable, for the Support
folder to be included in outgoing distribution files. (Almost) everything in
it is mirrored in the Cab file, so I think it can be omitted from what gets
sent to others, but I don't know that for fact. Never felt the need to test
the theory.
I open my mdb, change the form, make an MDE, Slpit the db

Shouldn't that be "Split the db, make MDE" ?



Thank you George,

You answered a question that I've had for a long time. I've always been
puzzled where my install routine got a hold of my old version. I never
looked at the cab folder. I only looked at the size of the folder and
figured that my MDE or be.mde could not be there. But now I know there is
some compression taking place and my files are in the cab folder.

In response to your question. I always make the MDE first and then open the
MDE and make the split. If I split first using the MDB file then my data is
no longer in my MDB master file.

Thanks again I'm no longer puzzled........

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