ACCESS ( or SQL * Server)back-end and PDA (IPAQ) front end in wireless network

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lou via

have developed a serious ACCESS Aplication for restaurant managament.
(accounting + touch screen POS). Now I need to develop a remote ordering
restaurant system using some kind of PDA devices ( IPAQ for exemple). My idea
was to make Wireless LAN between PDA devices and my server and then to write
a front-end app running on a PDA device which will be linked to my ACCESS
database. Thanks to my poor knowledge of PDAs, In the beginning I thought I
would be able to write some kind of ACCESS aplication on PDA but it seems not
to be possible.So I need an URGENT ADVICE from someone experienced in this
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY to develop a simple aplication on a PDA device which
whill be linked to
my ACCESS databese on the desktop server ( assuming wireless network ). If
this is not possible
with ACCESS I need to know if it is possible with SQL*Server (That would
solve my problem too ).
Thanks in advance !


Hi Lou,

If you have a wireless setup as described, have you considered using a
web-based front end (hosted locally on your network), perhaps using ADP?
That way it could be run in IE on your PDA device - it may just be a cut-down
version having the functionality required on your PDA's.

Hope that helps.



Different PDAs support different functionality depending on their OS, etc. I
would talk to various vendors to find out what will work well on their

Be careful how you choose. You don't want a product where your customer is
having to pay fairly expensive air time to use your system. Hopefully you
can find a device that will support accesss to a local wireless LAN.

Check this site out, it may be something useful to you.

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