Access macros not working properly

Sep 30, 2013
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Hello all,

I have a server with a access database which I created cca 2 months ago on ms access 2007 version. 6-9 people are nonstop working with it trough LAN. inputting stuff or checking statistics and stuff.
It was working for 1.5 month without problems. Then for no reason it started making weird things. but after restarting it was working again.

I have a whole bunch of IFs and one of them is checking if a value in a textbox does already exists in one of the tables or not.
If it is there msgbox "duplicate bla bla bla" and empty the text box
if its not there then its ok and the user can continue.

strange thing happend there, even if the value wasnt in the table i still got the msgbox "duplicate bla bla bla"
at first it was on 1 pc then it stopped, now its on all pcs

I cant find anything wrong with the code.

I think that after nonstop usage of the program by more people it gets buggy or something.
maybe restarting the pcs more frequently would be a good idea? or any suggestions?

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