Access Form code saved as class with no Form_ prefix

Access Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by JBMoorpark, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Jan 21, 2013
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    I've just run into a problem with Microsoft Access (2010) that I've never seen before. I was copying and renaming a form and the rename failed. I now have an Access class that is identified as a form in VBA but doesn't show anywhere in the Navigation Pane.

    The form name was supposed to be "frmEnterPortfolioID" and should have created a class called "Form_frmEnterPortfolioID". Instead, it created just the bare name "frmEnterPortfolioID".

    I can't save the project, remove the module (the Remove option is grayed out). I've tried closing without saving and forcing a decompile, but the orphaned module still appears. I get constant error messages that say "The form name '' is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist." I've tried creating a form with the same name and creating a module to go with it but the operation fails. I cannot compile the project because of the "form name misspelled" errors.

    I can see the class in VBA explorer but can't delete it. It seems like that would solve the problem if I could.

    Any suggestions?
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    JBMoorpark, Jan 21, 2013
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