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Dec 29, 2010
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I am having problems getting the DateDiff function working in Access 7. The function will not work if the 2 dates are more than 24 hours apart. I am using a General Date with the following input mask (99/99/9999\ 99:99;0;_) for all my dates. When I create a new field in a query for the DateDiff (Time from Event to Notification of NOC: Format(DateDiff("n",[Event_Date_Time],[Date_Time_NOC_Notified])/1440,"Short Time"), it will not work for dates more than 24 hours apart.


Event_Date_Time: 12/17/2010 01:00
Date_Time_NOC_Notified: 12/20/2010 05:20

When these dates are applied to the DateDiff function above, it returns 4 hours and 20 minutes, as you can see the function is not taking the date into account. How can I fix this.

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