Access 97 Install



I have 2 problems:
1. When I install Access 97 on a particular machine it
is missing the DAO 3.51 and therefore, I cannot use any
of the Add-ins. I have tried every configuration of
installation I can possibly think of and it still does
not install the DAO 3.51. I have used the identical disk
on another machine and it installed perfectly. I have
also used a multi-licensed disk that was used on every
other computer in that particular office and it still
does not install it. Does anybody know why this could be
happening and can anybody tell me where to download DAO
3.51 and how to install it?

2. When I was trying to rectify this problem I tried my
own disk to see if it was a problem with the disk. My
disk is Russian and when I uninstalled it it did not
remove all of the Russian components. How can I get rid
of the Russian stuff?

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