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Our company recently purchased a business that has about 50 Access 97
applications. We are buying new machines that have the latest version of
office and I'm afraid that it will not work against the Access 97 databases.
I feel like I have a couple of different options, but I'm not an Access
expert at all and would like some feedback. Options:
1) Upgrade all Access 97 to Access 2003 (or latest version)
2) Uninstall latest version of Access 2003 from the new machines and
re-install Access 97. There is probably some vba script in these apps. Does
vba scripting in Access require a particular version of Office or can Access
97 run stand-alone independent of the version of office.
3) Install Access 97 to a Citrix box and have anyone that needs to access
these apps, use Citrix. Citrix box also has lastest version of Office, so I
might have similiar problems as well.
4) Find the highest building and jump. :)

Any thoughts on best course of action.

One other point. We are working under short time frames. A couple of months
to transition.



Allen Browne

5). Split the database, retaining the back end as an Access 97 file, and
providing 2 versions of the front end, in A97 and A2003. Give each user the
version appropriate to the Access on their workstation.

Post back if you have problems splitting or converting. If splitting is new,
Split your MDB file into data and application

For suggestions on converting, see:
Converting from Access 97 to 2000, 2002 or 2003

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