access 2007 vba report checkbox




I'm trying to make a checkbox checked on a report depending on the existance
of a file in a directory. Its in the report_current event. So far no luck.
Not sure I have the syntax right.

me.checkboxname = true

I took out the condition to see if the file existed, just to test if I could
even set the checkbox to checked. Doesn't work. Could it be

me!checkboxname = true


me.checkboxname = -1?



Jeff Boyce

What happens when you tried those?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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Reports are static representations of data. You can't directly modify
data on a report, you have to change the data in the underlying
table or query.

Also, reports do not have a Current event. Did you mean to say that
you are working with a form?



No I'm trying to do it in a report. I was getting the feeling you couldn't
modify anything in a report. Trouble is I don't know how in the report, to
check a file system for the existance of a .jpg. If its there, check the
box. I was trying to do:

if \\filepath\name.jpg = name.jpg then

me.checkbox.value = true

in vba on the current_record event but you cant modify reports that way I
guess. How do you get a current list of files in a folder into a table so
that the report can check it?


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