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Hi I have an application developed using Access 2003 that I want to convert
to Access 2007. In this application typically where a user can enter a date
in a text box I have an adjacent button to display a popup form containing a
calendar control so the user can select a date. The problem is that when
converting to Access 2007 these date text boxes now have a default setting to
display a date picker. When the user tabs to a date text box a date picker is
displayed that partially covers a calendar button (not a great look). I would
like to turn off the form textbox default to display a date picker for all
date fields. This will then allow me to remove these calendar buttons

Is there a method to set the textbox default to Never show a date picker for
date fields (and then reset in the future)?

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated :)

Many thanks,



Allen Browne

There is not a single setting for this, but you can set the property for
each one.

(It would be possible to do that programmatically, but would take you some
effort to write.)

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