Access 2007 - return maximum date



I have a table with 36 rows containing the field, FiscalYear, values,
1,2 or 3, and EndDate, containing month end values for 3 calendar
years, for example, FiscalYear 1 EndDate for January is 1/31/2008,
FiscalYear 2 is 1/31/2009 and FiscalYear 3 is 1/31/2010. Repeat for
month end Feb - Dec for each FiscalYear. I'm trying to create a query
that would return the maximum month-end for each fiscalyear.
FiscalYear maxDate
1 12/31/2008
2 12/31/2009
3 12/31/2010

I've been futzing with returning unique values for fiscal year to
return 1,2 and 3, then trying max and dmax functions, to return 12/31/
dates without success. Could someone assist?

As asways, help is much appreciated,

Bill Carlson


When does your fiscal year end? Some end the same as calendar, some 30
June, and others 30 September.

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