Access 2007 form opens as blank page



Hi - I am so eager to get feedback on this.

I have a simple little data entry form (Detail) that appears as a button on
a switchboard form (Manager). The only other choices on the switchboard are
Exit and Review Records Entered (runs a macro that runs a query that displays
only the records entered so far by that staff person). I set the database so
that it opens default to the switchboard. I split it then and copied the
front end individually for each user.

All records are going into a "back end" with 4 tables, one containing the
records they are entering and the other 3 provide lookup values.

This is operating on a network, back end and front ends are all on a folder
on the server. The system tech swears to me that all users have all required
permissions to access their own front ends and the parent folder, in which
the back end also resides.

A "normal" user (not admin privileges) opens his own front end, the
switchboard pops up, but the data entry form (Detail) opens as a completely
blank screen. No fields or titles or anything at all on it. I made the
background of this form (Detail) purple, and this blank "page" is purple.

Open it w/admin privileges and you see the whole thing properly. The linked
tables are correct for the users, and they do see the default form
(switchboard) but not the only other form (Detail) no matter how they access
it - just comes up a big, purple nothing.

Any advice about how the network privileges of settings in the database
options might be doing this, I appreciate deeply!


LB Tague



Problem solved - system tech had already granted read/write privileges to
USERS but the problem disappeared when he enabled write access to the folder
w/the back end tables. YAY!! Thx anyway!

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