access 2007 - carriage returns, square box characters



I am new to Access 2007. In previous versions of Access, I was able to run
an update query to place carriage returns in place of square box characters
that were showing up after importing Excel spreadsheets into the database
(Article ID 210372). Unfortunately this solution does not appear to work in
Access 2007. Perhaps I am missing something? Has the code for the module
changed or the string in the update query? Any help would be greately

Allen Browne

A2007 uses the same CrLf for new lines.

Are you sure the code is running? By default, no code runs in A2007 unless
your database is in a trusted location.

To trust your folder, click:
* Office Button (top left)
* Access Options (bottom of dialog)
* Trust Center (left)
* Trust Center Settings (button)
* Trusted Locations (left)
* Add new location (button)

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