Access 2003 Project connecting to SQL 2005



I know that I will have to use the SQL 2005 tools to create the tables,
queries, etc. but are there any problems with running an Access 2003 project
connected to SQL 2005. They will be using Runtime Access 2003.

We were at the end of converting an mdb database to an Access 2003 Project
connected to SQL 2000. Everything was working correctly, stored procedures
written - forms modified, etc. They want to now put the database on a SQL
2005 server instead of a SQL 2000 server. I loaded a local SQL 2005 server
to my laptop and have not had any problems. In one of the articles I read
that the SQL 2005 server had to be in "Server 2000" mode or something like
that. but is was written about a year ago.

Thanks for your help

Sylvain Lafontaine

The SQL-2000 compatibility mode is for some advanced stuff (I don't really
know the differences but think about stuff like the deprecation of the old
ANSI Outer Join syntaxes (*= and =* instead of LEFT and RIGHT JOINT)) but
this shoudn't be of any concern when the database is accessed from ADP 2003.

Of course, don't use the new data types or the new data ranges and
everything should be fine (and don't forget that ADP might give you some
trouble is the owner of the objects is not dbo).

Susie DBA [MSFT]

I didn't realize that =* was going away lol
I think that MS just needs top stop steering their whole ship to fight
mySql-- I think that is what is really going on.

I mean.. in SSAS 2005; we can't even use ODBC for analysis services
cubes; right?
why else would this be; if its' not to defeat mySql / postgres crap

everything should always work I don't beleive in Microsoft's RIGHT to
decide what is depecrated or not

I never gave MS that right

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