Access 2003 - Negative Numbers Displaying Incorrectly




I have a database that was created in Access 2002. When I open it in Office
Access 2003 (11.6566.8036) SP2, my reports are exhibiting some strange
display behavior.

The "negative indicator" on every negative number is reversed. For items
formatted as currency, the number displays as )64,321( rather than (64,321)
and for items formatted as numbers, they display as 64,321- rather than

Does anyone have any ideas short of rebuilding all my reports or going back
to Access 2002?


David Conger [MSFT]

Does this happen outside of Access? It almost sounds like the regional
settings for your machine were changed.

David Conger
Software Development Engineer in Test
Microsoft Office Access

** This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no
rights. **


I actually figured out the problem shortly after posting this.

One of the text box properties is "Reading Order." Although it was set to
"Right-to-Left" all along, for some reason the problem did not manifest
itself in 2002. Only when I opened the file using 2003 did it appear like

I'm quite relieved that "all" I have to do is go into each report and change
the properties on each text box to "Context."

Thanks for the reply though, David.

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