Access 2003 - Cannot open database when database is already open



I have several employees that cannot open an Access 2003 database, by
double clicking on that .mdb file, when that database is already open.
However, when they open Access 2003 first, then open that .mdb file, it
works fine. Machines that are having issues are Windows XP SP2,
Windows Firewall is turned off. I have tested this with my team, same
OS and Service pack, and it works fine. When we open a database,
anyone on my team can open it just be double-clicking on that .mdb
file. No need to open Access first.

Problem does not occur with XP SP1 or earlier.




Is Microsoft Access set as the program in file association? Try this:

In Windows Explorer, right-click on an Access 2003 database filename. Select
"open with" then "choose program..." Select Access from the list or browse
for it, if necessary.

Be sure to check "Always use the selected program to open this type of file"
to set this as the default.

03.22.06 07.58 hst

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