Access 2002 truncates text when linking to Excel 2002



I want to link into an Excel 2002 spreadsheet worksheet into an Access 2002
table. Some worksheet cells contain long text strings (400+ characters, in
some cases), but Access truncates the field length (apparently at 255
characters) when I link the Excel worksheet as an Access table. How can I get
all the characters in the worksheet into the linked table? I've tried
File/Get External Data/Link ... got truncated. I've tried
Macro/New/TransferSpreadsheet/Link/Microsoft Excel
8-10/worksheet/path&filename/Yes/(no range) ... got trucated. What's the



John Nurick

Alas, this is normal behaviour. See

If you're inclined to experiment, search a newsgroup archive (e.g. for something like
importmixedtypes excel access link
You'll find some information on tweaking registry settings - but as far
as I can tell there's no tweak that says "link as memo rather than

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