Access 2000 Help Files



I have just started using access 2000, and find that the
help files I was familiar with in access 97 are no longer
available - I have checked the install option and am
reasonably sure I've installed everything that there is to
offer. Am I missing something here or do I now have to
go 'online' to retreive these items?

Is there a way to get the relevant help files from the web
an install on my local machine?





[MVP] S. Clark

Most of us keep A97 around, just simply to use the Help. Help in 2k and 2k2
leaves a lot to be desired. (Read: stinks)

I put a link on my Windows Shortcut Bar to ADO210.chm, because it never
seems to work properly with the native Help app.


Steve Clark, Access MVP
FMS, Inc.
Professional Solutions Group
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