Access 2000 database Import Spec not working properly


Pat Dools


I am attempting to import some data from a text file into a new Access table
using an Import Spec in which I define the width of each column, as the text
file is in fix-length format. I get an error message saying, 'The Microsoft
Jet Database engine could not find the object ''. Make sure the object
exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly'. This
happens both on the Production copy, which is on a network drive, and on a
test copy, which is on my local hard drive.

I have matched the specified widths in the import spec to the actual records
on the text file, and they do line up properly. What might be happening here
to prevent me from importing this text file into a new Access table?

Thank you.



Duane Hookom

I have heard of this happening if the name of the file isn't something like
"txt" of "csv". I would first try change the name of the text file.

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