Absolute vs Relative path



I have an issue with hyperlinks in Excel 2000. I am trying
to create hyperlinks to documents/XLS files on a our network, and want to use
absolute paths. I can "point" the hyperlink to the document, click on the
link and it works fine, with the address showing as an absolute path
(\\server\folderA\folderB\doc.xls). When I save the document the link
changes from the absolute path to a relative path (../../../ doc.xls). This
creates a problem because when others try using the hyperlinks, they do not
work (office clients range from 2000 to 2003). Help.



Dave Peterson

I've never had any trouble with the =hyperlink() worksheet function. If it's
possible, you may want to use this.

An untested alternative:
File|Properties|Summary Tab
change the hyperlink base to C:\

Can you post back with your results if you test the hyperlink base suggestion?



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