Absolute and Relative Cell References



OK I've got a headache from this and its driving me crazy.
On my old computer, when I referenced another cell by pressing = then
selecting the cell it always inserted the cell reference as relative.

Then I changed jobs and had to move from Excel 2007 back to 2003 )-; and
found that when reference a cell within the same workbook it inserts it as
relative but if I link to a cell in another workbook its automatically
absolute. I thought this must be just a 2003 THING!

But I was merrily working away just then and accidently pressed ctrl +
Something!! and now when I reference a cell on a different worksheet but
within the same workbook it now inserts an absolute reference and only if I
am referencing a cell on the same sheets its relative. As I mostly need to
use relative and if I want to use absolute I usually name the cell this is
INCREDIBLY annoying. Im spending an awful lot of time pressing the F4 button
which I don't like (hence the headache).

Can some one please help me before I start hitting my head against the wall.


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