Ability to search for information within a presentations



Hi all

I am hoping that someone will be able to tell me if the following is
possible with PowerPoint 2003...

I use PowerPoint on a touchscreen kiosk and was wondering if an on screen
keyboard can be added to search for information contained within the

On each page of the presentation is the category of the award. I have
inserted a table that lists the year the award was run in one colum and the
name of the winner in the other.

I would like to be able to search for a persons name and the list of all the
awards and years won appear.

Is this possible or do I need to go and do a course in Access


David M. Marcovitz

I'm sure you could do this with a macro. I'm not sure which would be
easier: learning to write a macro to do this or learning to do this in

David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_


Hi David

Many thanks for the reply. I will have a look into both options and see
which one will be the best.


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