A7N8X-X drivers?


Mike Tomlinson

On Asus's website, they list the following drivers for the A7N8X-X (note
this is the -X, not the Deluxe, and so it has only the embedded nForce
sound and LAN in the nForce2 400 chipset):

"Realtek AC'97 Driver & Application 3.45 WHQL"
"Realtek RTL8100C Driver Version 4.51.505"

I don't understand why those drivers are there. The -X uses the
embedded nForce sound and network, so surely the integrated nForce
driver I'm already using is all I need?

Is there something I'm missing?




Here's specs right from the Asus page
Audio Realtek® ALC650 6CH w/built in HP amplifier

LAN 1 Ports
MCP integrated NVIDIA® MAC + Realtek® 8201BL PHY

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