A World Beyond Capitalism 2005, An Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conferen



A World Beyond Capitalism 2005, An Annual International Multiracial
Alliance Building Peace Conference Is Accepting Proposals...

...and Online Registration is now available if you plan to table and
participate in the International Grassroots Exhibition:


We would greatly like some proposals from all people worldwide, especially
marginalized communities and minorities.

The Mission Statement:

A World Beyond Capitalism (AWBC) 2005 invites activists to come to
Portland, Oregon in August 2005 and engage in a weekend of educational
discussion and visionary dialogue.

We believe in the need to reflect and imagine the future of the world
beyond capitalism. We will emphasize the need for multi-lingual,

strategy through open dialogue and bridging political theory with

By building on the increasing number of conferences worldwide in which
people from diverse backgrounds, races and cultures discuss subjects
regarding world peace, we hope to build solidarity among diverse
organizing communities.

Over 1000 participants from Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Ghana, Germany, the
U.S. and all over the world will come together in harmony in Portland,
Oregon in August 2005 to share ideas regarding new visions, changing the
world, the
cooperative movement, intentional communities and much, much more. Come
and be a part of this tremendous occasion. Activist, Punks, Minority and

Communities from Alternative medicine healers and activists, Intentional
communities, Permaculture Homes, co-ops, independent publishing
communities, progressive activist groups and other equality seeking groups
are invited to volunteer, table, or just fellowship, network and learn
with every one from all over the world. There will also be a performance
of live, multicultural musicians and a theatrical debut prior to the
conference. August 26-28, 2005, Portland State University,

Portland, Oregon. Not only is this a conference, but it is a
multi-lingual, multi-racial alliance building experience. This conference
will create alliances in a manner which transcends the boundaries of the
English Language, Race, Class, Gender, Age, Ability, Sexual Orientation
and Endless Theory.

In addition, The Grassroots Exhibition enables non-government and
non-corporate people and groups of many different types the chance to
together in solidarity. The Grassroots Exhibition gives everyone the
opportunity to share information and items with people outside of their
usual circle of friends, yet still amongst those who desire to see a world
that is beyond forced corporate dependence and capitalism. Below are a few
of the different groups that you can look forward to seeing at the
Grassroots Exhibition:

(Listed in Alphabetical order)

Activist groups

Alternative media, small press and zine writers and creators

Alternative medicine activists and practictioners

All underrepresented, marginalized and minority groups

Co-ops and members of co-ops

Cohousing Groups

Collectives and members of collectives

C Programming activists

Do-it-yourself (DIY) and independent musicians

FreeSkool, (Free School) free education supporters and groups

Freeware/Shareware Activists

Independent creators and artisans of handmade art and items

Independent distributors

Independent film, documentary and theatre creators, dancers and

Independent music and independent non-music audio items

Independent press librarians, zine librarians and activist librarians

Indigenous and Native tribes

Intentional communities and non-corporate, community and family owned

groups and farm workers

Mail-Art and international mail networks

Non-corporate, low power FM radio station creators and operators

Non-pharmaceutical, homeopathic, holistic and energywork groups

Online information and online discussion group creators and operators

Opensource Technology Activist or user

Punk Music and Art

Python/computer activists

Rainbow Gathering groups Selfschool and

homeschool supporters, teachers and students

Translation and handicapable access related services And many more groups
which are related to these groups.

Wicca Activists

Online Registration is now available if you plan to participate in the
International Grassroots Exhibition:



Portland State University Smith Ballroom Portland, Oregon 97208
Portland OR


AWBC International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference
Organizers. We are accepting proposals until August 10th, 2005 and we
greatly encourage people of all races, social classes and educational
backgrounds to submit a proposal. You may present workshops in your
native language as we will have translators. Volunteers needed

Thank You,

Love And Solidarity Worldwide,

Volunteers for the AWBC 2005


Thanks all, sisters and brothers.


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