A Panic Button For The Mobile Age


Sep 30, 2005
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Witness Officially Launches A Live-Streaming App

I am not a fan of mobile phones however this strikes me as a very very good app.

You can think of Witness as something like a private version of Twitter’s Periscope, for example, combined with a user safety application designed to quickly alert friends or family if you’re in trouble or are in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation where you may need help.

Bernitsas says he’s been testing the app ahead of its debut with a small group of users, including a number of individuals who wanted to test it out for its “panic button”-like functionality. Of those, 83 percent said they would use it in an emergency and 91 percent reported feeling safer with Witness on their phone, they told him.

A really good idea for kids or single folk out and about methinks.This is a really neat use for the app though.

But the app also resonated with the Hackathon audience and judges because of its potential to document and record police brutality or other cases where civil disobedience was met with undue force – especially as the app had emerged at time when a number of high-profile incidents of clashes with police had brought attention to these issues.



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